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Vandusen Botanical Garden

A few decades ago the Vancouver Foundation, the City of Vancouver, the provincial government, and the Vancouver Botanical Garden were all in agreement to finance the development of a public botanical garden within the former Shaughnessy golf course. The City of Vancouver contributed a portion of their tax funds, while the Province of British Columbia provided additional funds as well. With these two entities all in agreement and backing the project the Botanical Garden was designed and the funds were allotted to be acquired by the City of Vancouver to create a beautiful landscape that would be a place of learning and recreation for the citizens of Vancouver and for visitors to Vancouver. The BV started off as a large outdoor space that became a beautiful place of learning and recreation.
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It is an area that offers numerous things for those who visit it including a great place to spend the day walking through the garden and watching all kinds of flowers bloom. A variety of landscapes are available in the gardens of Vandusen Botanical Garden such as the Coastal Park, the Stanley Park, the Central Park, and the Pacific Gardens. There are also several different species of plants to look at such as the California Poppy, the Blue Rose bush, the Pacific Cherry Blossom, the White Clover, the Royal Lily, the Red Mountain Ivy, and the Pink Lady’s Slipper.

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VanDusen Botanical Garden

When the Botanical Garden opened the following year it quickly became one of the most popular locations in Vancouver. Visitors were enthralled by the beauty and nature that surrounded them. There was a great influx of people that were also attracted to the fact that the entire area was open to the public and there were very few facilities or restrictions that needed to be obeyed.
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Because the BV is located on the outskirts of Vancouver, you will find that most of the attractions are located within walking distance of the park. There are also many different types of restaurants and businesses in the park that provide food and other services for guests to use. These include a place that offers a variety of live entertainment for children and adults alike, restaurants and cafes, a skating rink, a dog run, a playground, and many others.

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One of the great attractions of Vandusen Botanical Garden is that the entire area is within walking distance from many of the major shopping areas. This includes things like Stanley Park, West End Shopping Centre, and The West End Mall. There are many fine dining establishments in the area as well that is a great place to eat and enjoy the surrounding nature.
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There is also an area of the garden that has been designated as a historic site in which there is a restored Victorian house in which you can view a great view of downtown Vancouver. This is a wonderful place to spend some time relaxing. If you have not visited Vandusen Botanical Garden before it is very well worth your time to go see it. You will feel a real connection with the history of this beautiful piece of nature within the City of Vancouver.

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