Blondies Big Deal

Blondies Big Deal

“Big Deal” is a funny movie starring Arthur Lake and Penny Singleton as Blondies, a newly-married couple who own an ice cream parlor. Blondie is a very romantic type and loves to talk about her past lovers in the past, especially if they were hot. But on a Saturday morning, the storm blows up and the town’s only ice cream parlor are destroyed.

After Blondie makes the decision to take over the place, Dagwood takes Blondie on a nice romantic date. While Blondie is enjoying the evening, she runs into Arthur Lake’s cousin, the man who would become Dagwood’s boyfriend for quite some time, Frank Witherspoon.

Blondies’ love is so intense that when she goes off to bed, Arthur realizes that he has fallen in love with her. But, despite their newfound affection, Frank still can’t get over his crush on Dagwood. When Dagwood suddenly leaves town, Blondie becomes more suspicious of her new husband.
Blondies Big Deal
Meanwhile, Dagwood is doing everything he can to protect his family from the possibility of danger. So when he learns that the only way to keep them safe is to marry Frank, it’s hard to say no to him. The two men end up getting married, but Frank soon discovers that he can’t live with the fact that he’s been having too much fun. He starts seeing his ex-wife and starts having an affair with her. When Blondies catches her husband having an affair, she decides to make things right between the two of them and tries to get Frank back.

Blondies’ big issue here is the fact that she realizes that she’s been playing the victim. She had been trying so hard to be the good wife who’ll make sure her husband doesn’t cheat on her and who will get her ex back. However, Dagwood and Frank always blame her for it all. Blondies even tells Frank to take the blame for what happened because it was her fault. In fact, when a storm comes up, Blondies’ mother tells her daughter that she should take care of everything because “Blondies are very stubborn”.

Despite all the problems that the two of them are having, I think that the ending of the movie proves that Blondies is in love with her husband. and is willing to make an effort to save the love of her life.

This film, just like every other one before it, is not without its issues. Some people have said that the ending of the movie is a little too predictable, but other people say that the story is a little too contrived, but it’s still a very good movie and well worth the watch. It’s funny, beautiful, and at times romantic. So if you’re looking for a quick romance story, then this one might be for you.

Blondies has received a number of positive reviews, so you can see why it’s such a big deal. !

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