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Coffee Stain Publika

Coffee Stain Publika

“Public Kissa” (Publish Kitchen) is a new coffee shop that is being opened in New York City. This coffee shop was opened by Sajan Kumar, who is a passionate coffee lover. He is passionate about selling coffee as he has been doing it for quite some time. Since the coffee shops were opening up in the area where Sajan Kumar resides, he decided to open his own coffee shop. The concept of the Coffee Stain is very interesting; it is basically a coffee shop which sells various drinks and snacks.

Coffee Stain Publika
coffee in style at Coffee Stain Publika

At the beginning of this “Coffee Stain” coffee shop, Sajan Kumar did not have a particular business plan in place and was not able to find a niche. However, he took the help of the experts and found out that there is a huge demand for coffee in the area and people who love to drink coffee. So Sajan Kumar decided to sell the drinks in a special store. He decided that he should keep the prices low for the people because if the prices are high then many people may be able to afford it but if the prices are low then most people may not be able to afford it. So he decided that to keep the price low in order to attract people and sell the coffee.

With the coffee stain Publika, there are a lot of people who will love to go there and buy a cup of coffee. Since the concept of a public has been used for many years and people love to drink coffee and drinks then the customers will enjoy a cup of coffee from the public. People who are looking forward to having a cup of coffee and want to taste the best of the brew will be interested to go to this coffee shop.

It is a very good business for Sajan Kumar as he has chosen the perfect location for his store. As per his expectation, people will be happy to visit the store and drink coffee. People who are not familiar with the coffee shops will feel like they are at home in the store. Since Sajan Kumar had kept the price low so the people who are not familiar with the concept of public will not be able to have an idea about how to buy a cup of coffee from the store. They will be amazed and will go there and buy a cup of coffee from the public.

Sajan Kumar also did not try to take care of any advertisement in the public and that will ensure that people who are looking forward to a cup of coffee will go there and buy a cup of coffee from the public. Instead of spending money on advertisements, Sajan Kumar took the help of the experts and made a plan for advertisement. He thought that the advertisement should include the name of the barista and the location of the store. So people who are not familiar with coffee shops will easily understand what is happening. They will know what the story is about and will definitely visit this store for a cup of coffee.

Coffee Stain Publika
People meetup’s in Coffee Stain Publika

Therefore this is a great advertisement and people will buy coffee from the public. However, the price of the coffee should be kept low so that people will go there and buy a cup of coffee at a reasonable price. Even if people pay a little more, they will be happy to get the price as they will be satisfied with the quality of the coffee that they have purchased. As people love coffee and drink coffee, they will drink it on their own without thinking twice. So it is a great business for the store owner, as they can earn a lot of profit with the low price of the coffee and this will increase the value of the store. This will increase the number of people visiting the store.

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