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Diy Sos Surf School

Diy Sos Surf School

DIY Sos Surf School is a surf school located in the north of France. The school has been open since 1992 and is run by Fabien and Gilles and is one of the most popular in France and it can be found just around the corner from Nice. The school is also in a location that is close to the popular beach and that means it will always have students around for lessons if you are looking to practice your surfing skills.

Diy Sos Surf School
Surf School in France

The school is located right near the town of Beaugency, where there are plenty of places to rent cheap flights and accommodation. The schools are only a few minutes away from the beach and they also have a good relationship with the local shops and restaurants so you don’t have to worry about being hungry or thirsty when you are learning how to surf. You will find the staff friendly and helpful but never rude. The teachers will even come out to walk you to the shore so you can get the feel of what it is like to go surfing in real life before you ever set foot on the beach.

If you are a new student to this wonderful sport then you will be surprised at the facilities available. There are two different styles of classes that you can take and each class is a little bit different so you can learn in different ways. One style is a beginners’ class and the other is a more advanced class. Both will get you up to speed in the best possible way. The classes are very affordable so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank while you are learning to surf.

You will find the class sizes are usually pretty small so you don’t have to worry about getting bored and the instructor is very friendly. You will also find the lessons are very personal and focused on teaching you as much as possible so that you can become the best surfer that you can be. The best thing about the school is that if you ever leave the school then you will be able to go back anytime you want and it really is like having an instructor right in your own home.

The DIY Sos Surf School is run in partnership with the ASPO is one of the largest and most respected companies in France. The ASPO provides equipment and they are well known for their top quality products. The equipment is designed by world renown professional surfer Yves le Gall. who has helped shape the equipment used in many of the world’s biggest surfing competitions.

The school offers lessons for people who want to learn to surf but may not be able to afford to travel to a big surf school. For people who are a little bit on a tight budget but still want to learn to surf there is no reason not to go to the DIY Sos Surf School and start improving your surfing skills today!

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