How Can Constipation Effects to Us?


Constipation is an extremely common problem. Over three-quarters of the adult population will suffer from it at some point in their lives. Constipation affects so many people and it can be very painful. It also tends to lead to a loss of energy. Some of the most common complications that result from constipation are straining, heartburn, diarrhea, and gas.

There are many factors that can contribute to constipation. We tend to move our bowels very often during the day. This can cause constipation. Eating a diet that is high in fiber helps a lot in preventing constipation symptoms. Another major contributor to constipation is eating a diet that is very low in fat content.


Stress is another major cause. Stress has been found to play a major role in causing digestive disorders. It also increases anxiety and leads to other health-related problems like obesity and high blood pressure. Poor sleep habits are also responsible for constipation. A lack of sleep results in a person being tired all the time. When we are tired, we are not able to concentrate well and this makes it hard to be attentive.

Some people have a large colon. If you have a large colon, you will suffer from constipation. The solution is to try and alter your diet. Include more fibrous foods in it. Also, try and get enough exercise. Constipation has also been linked to colon cancer. A study has shown that our daily bowel movements are linked with an increased risk of colon cancer. One of the main reasons for this is our lifestyle. People who eat fast food and do not take care of their colon are more likely to develop this condition. Excessive consumption of alcohol also causes constipation.

If the colon becomes infected, it could become carcinogenic. This would affect our immunity and might even lead to cancer. To avoid constipation, we should know how to colon cleanse. Colon cleansing helps us get rid of all the toxins in our bodies. We can also lose weight by changing our food habits.

Low Carb Diets and Constipation

Some people think that constipation is something that cannot be cured. However, studies have shown that some people who have been constipated for a longer period of time also show some improvement. There are many ways on how to cleanse the colon. It can be done at home by using recipes that are found on the internet. However, if you prefer professional help, you can ask for it from your doctor or a nutritionist.

We can also prevent constipation effects us. We can always make sure that we do not eat or drink before we go to bed. We should also exercise regularly so that our bowels move freely. If you are suffering from constipation, try to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

One way of colon cleansing is through using herbal products which are sold in the market. There are several herbs that you can consider to help you cleanse your colon. The first herb which you can use is known as senna. It helps us by strengthening our stool so that it will be easier to push it out of our body.

Aloe Vera can also help strengthen our colon so that we will not have any problems with our bowels moving out. Another herb that can strengthen our colon is cascara sagrada. This herb is also used in detoxifying our bodies. It cleanses our blood and lymphatic system.

Aside from herbal products, there are also other alternative ways of treating constipation. Aside from having a proper diet, it is also important to take plenty of fluids. We should not only drink water but we should drink juices as well especially citrus juices because they help detoxify the body.

Constipation affects us can be very harmful especially if we are already suffering from different ailments like arthritis, weak immune system, heartburn, and gastritis. It is important that we get immediate medical attention. In the case of mild constipation, we can use laxatives. These laxatives will help us pass the stool easily. When the stool becomes too hard, we can take a fiber supplement to help us to soften the stool.

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