Love Lies Bleeding Plant

Love Lies Bleeding Plant

The love of the flowers can be found in the hearts of many; this love lies bleeding in the flowers of amaranthus. It has been a symbol of romance, love and devotion since the dawn of history. The romantic amaranth plant in a flower garden can make a romantic ambience or it can create a more romantic atmosphere for an office where work and love are interwoven.

Love Lies Bleeding Plant redAmarantha Caudatus is evergreen species of perennial flowering plant commonly called amaranth caudata. It goes by many names including love-lies, vase amarantha, foxtail, velvet blossom, lace flower, tassel plant, quill, and lily plant. The name “love-lies” comes from the resemblance to human hands and feet. It has a very large blooming season that lasts from late summer to early autumn in most tropical and subtropical regions. The leaves grow in large clusters with five or six white petals. The petal tips may turn up during the evening or day time, especially if the plant is subjected to direct sunlight. The leaves are fleshy and the flower stalk is long and narrow with several narrow white bands of petals on either side.

The Amarantha Caudatus flower is available in a variety of hues. Some varieties have pink flowers, while others have white flowers. The flowers vary in size depending upon the type and species.

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Amaranthus Love Lies Bleeding

Most of these flowers have a sweet and citrus smell, similar to citrus fruits and some flowers have an odor similar to anise. Most of the blooms are small, but there are some that have flowers that are larger.

The flowers of this love of flowers can create a romantic ambience in an office setting. When placed in a corner of the office, the flowers can create a romantic ambiance, even if they do not have a floral arrangement. These flowers have the ability to create a romantic ambience for the office. This flowers can make a beautiful gift idea if you know how to arrange them in an attractive and natural way.

Amaranthus CaudatusIn an office setting, placing the flowers on the desk is important because they do not stand out like other flowers in the room. In addition, the flowers are the focal point of the room. If placed in front of a mirror, they can make an attractive backdrop. If placed on the desk next to the computer, they can create a romantic ambiance. However, if placed on a desk in front of a window, the flowers can make a beautiful display. The flowers can also create a romantic ambiance in a library or home decoration area. Amarantha Caudatus is an evergreen, hardy flowering plant that will survive well in most climates and conditions. If placed in a well ventilated area, this plant can thrive for many years.

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