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Pilat regional natural park – parc naturel régional du pilat

A Regional Natural Park (parc Naturel régional du Pilat) is an inhabited rural area that is nationally recognized for its valuable local heritage and landscape, but also for its fragility. parc Naturel régional du Pilat available parks lean on extensive sustainable development plans allowing the protection and promotion of their resources. Between Saint-Etienne and the Rhone Valley, the Pilat is made up of small regions with distinct characters. Pilat Regional Natural Park is a covered area of the mountainous hillside in the Rhône-Alpes region of southeastern France. The park Straddling the departments of Rhône and Loire. The mountain land ranges from 140 meters to 1,432 meters approximately.
The Parc Naturel régional du Pilat (Pilat Regional Nature Park) spending around 72,000 hectares. A large area expanse with sensitive landscapes alternating between fir and beech forests, pastures, hillsides covered with vines, orchards. This preserved and nature-friendly territory is home to many local and foreign animals as well as the plants. The whole Pilat Regional Nature Park constitutes a medium mountain massif, a real water tower for the towns of the nearby valleys.

Pilat regional natural park road

As of now, Pilat Regional Nature Park has a valuable built heritage that can be seen from one village to another. They are opposed by their climates, their landscapes, their types of habitats, or their methods of land development. It pretends into the past and culture of the local area by looking at its churches, castles, traditional dwellings, factories, and mills.
There are a number of unmissable villages like this in the Loire. The slopes of the Rhône, the land of fruit trees and vines, follow the uplands of forests and livestock. Fir forests, beech woods, broom slopes, and meadow plateaus are all characteristic landscapes of Pilat.
They include Sainte-Croix-en-Juarez, a village with the particularity of occupying the buildings of a former charterhouse. Rochetaillée, dominated by its feudal castle, Pélussin, with its old covered market, washhouses, and castle, and Malleval, perched on a rocky spur overlooking the Épervier and Batalon Gorges.

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Mountain range of Pilat regional natural park
Plain side Pilat regional natural park
Natural Arc Pilat regional natural park
Wooden jetty Pilat regional natural park
Wildlife Pilat regional natural park

Nature-lovers and athletes will enjoy the various footpaths, mountain bike trails, and bridle paths. For a longer hike, lasting several days, on the paths of the Park, you can stop at the hiker’s relays which offer specific services such as luggage portages, picnic baskets and to approach the many facets of the heritage with the natural and cultural area of ​​Pilat.

Pilat Regional Nature Park Head to the Crêt de la Perdrix mountain, the highest point in the Pilat massif at an altitude of 1,431 meters, or the Crêt de bouillon, which offers a superb view of the Rhône Valley and the Alps, Around the Couzon dam, gust can enjoy a lovely hike amid lush green scenery. The purpose of a Pilat Regional Natural Park is to protect and promote the natural resources, human resources, and cultural heritage by implementing an innovative and environmentally-friendly policy of land-use planning and economic, social,
and cultural development.

Pilat regional natural park less than 50 minutes from Lyon by car. Great nature and wonderful view and can be visited within 4-6 hours by car. Thrill-seekers will want to head for the White Water Centre (Espace Eaux Vives) at Saint-Pierre-de-Bœuf in Pilat Rhodanien, where they can have fun kayaking, rafting, and white water swimming. Finally, The Parc Naturel régional du Pilat (Pilat regional natural park) can recommend as a mixed union bringing together 47 municipalities, 5 intercommunal, 17 gateways, 2 departments, and 1 region which, in conjunction with the State, act together in favor of this exceptional territory within the framework of an ambitious political project. Food-lovers have not been forgotten in the Pilat Regional Nature Park. Wine and goat’s cheese are two specialties that will tantalize the visitor’s taste buds after a nice walk. And for an amazing historical experience, head for the archaeological site of Saint-Romain-en-Gal, where you can discover one of the richest cities in Roman Gaul.

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