Rick and Morty season 3

Rick and Morty season 3

The third season of Rick and Morty, a popular American cartoon show created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, first aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim late-night schedule. The Rick and Morty season 3 show follows socially awkward and sometimes nerdy aged adults called” Rick” and” Morty” as they try to balance their lives between adventures in outer space and family life back on earth. Viewers can follow the exploits of the main characters, Rick and Morty now starring in their own spin-off, as they go about solving the mystery, battling cosmic evils, and generally having a great time. As you might expect, it has become one of the most successful shows on Adult Swim, garnering an impressive number of viewers and receiving critical acclaim.

Rick and Morty season 3 saw an addition to the already stellar cast of characters. Voices from the TV series have been given voice roles in two episodes. Ian McShane (Dancing With The Stars’ Macaulay Culkin) voiced Beth taking care of the delinquents, while Peter Faciane (The Secret Garden’s Michael Chiklis) played Joe, a jealous witness of the Ricks’ activities who aims to bring down their secret group. Neither is a bad match for the other, though it does help that they are so different (Macaulay and Peter are effete and sullen whereas Beth is bubbly and hyperactive). Still, the two are so alike that there is little chance that either could ever be mistaken for another. In any case, the voices do a fine job of capturing the wacky, ridiculous, wacky world of Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty season 3
Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland

One of the best things about Rick and Morty season 3 is how it builds up to the events of the season six opener,” Rick and Morty’s Excellent Adventure.” The premiere had fans excited for the return of the Rick and Morty characters, but the circumstances of the story’s conclusion left many people dissatisfied. After all, by the end of the episode, Rick and Mortys have basically reconciled, and the whole concept of Rick and Morty has been completely blown out of proportion. Luckily, season 3 picks right back up where it left off, bringing us one step closer to the final moments between the good guys and the bad.

What separates the fantastic Rick and Morty episodes across both seasons is how they deal with time travel. In the first season, Rick went back in time to check on his younger self, preventing his future problems by ensuring that his daughter was stillborn. In the second, he travels back in time to try to cure his daughter’s Alzheimer’s disease before it kills her. Each time he travels back in time, he brings new inventions to the development of humanity and helps to improve the possibilities of the future.

Speaking of the future, the concept of time travel is also brought up in Rick and Morty season 3. Ricks and Mortys invent a device that can send people back in time at a certain date and time using a strand of potato. People are sent to an alternate universe where everyone is in perfect health, and everyone has exactly the right attitude as if they were in their own bodies. The people, mostly children, react negatively towards this idea, and the other people present in the universe don’t understand either. The team is accused of trying to save the world, and each of the people sent back has a major conflict with them in mind that will be resolved by the end of the episode. In a lot of ways, it feels like the writers took a lot of risks when creating this concept, but it ends up being very successful in the season.

Also returning for Rick and Morty season 3 is Mr. Meyers, who played the role of an alternate dimension’s dad in the first two seasons. It wasn’t until the third episode that we got to see his side of the story, and he’s definitely brought some much-needed humanity to the role. The writing and voice actors also did a fantastic job in making Mortimer tick. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of his character in the coming episodes.


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