The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved Boeing’s 737 Max jetliner to fly again 9 months after the International crashes.


It was determined that the FAA will approve the airplane to fly again if it receives a safety assessment that it can use as the basis for its approval. If the FAA finds that the airplane was the cause of the accident, it will ask the manufacturer to take corrective action and the plane is taken out of service until it can receive its approval to fly again. it had received the necessary approval by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly again.

Boeing 737 Lion Air jetliner

A Boeing Company plane in flight on the early morning of January 31st, 2020, crashed into a South Tower, killing all sixty-seven passengers and crew. One of the things that caused the crash was the airplane’s fuel system, which was faulty. The aircraft was not supposed to have an “auto shut off” feature, which is common with commercial planes. The FAA said the auto shut off is not required, but it could have helped in saving the aircraft and everyone on board.

Another issue with the fuel system was that the fuel pump was not operating correctly and was not designed for automatic shutting off. The pilot did not notice this problem until he was in the middle of a decent and needed to slow the plane. The fuel pump then began to fail, which was causing the failure of the fuel system. A third reason for the aircraft’s failure was that one of the wing flaps was improperly installed and the aircraft’s fuselage structure was damaged from the impact of the collision. Because of this, the aircraft began to turn erratically and this, in turn, contributed to the loss of control.

The FAA said that they are looking into whether the plane’s landing was the result of mechanical failure or human error. They also are investigating the cause of the fuel system failure. They are asking all air traffic controllers to give them a copy of the pilot’s logbook and any other information about the aircraft’s flight that could be useful in their investigation.

When the 737 Max Jetliner came in, Boeing was one of the first companies to offer this type of airplane. It has since become a favorite among private jet pilots due to its high-quality design, safety features, and durability.

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