Things To Do In Pigeon Forge For Adults And Children

Things To Do In Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge is a beautiful mountain community and popular vacation spot in eastern Tennessee. Located in the Smoky Mountains, this city is one of the most beautiful places to visit. Dollywood, world famous singer and occasional movie star, are situated there. The city also has a string of other attractions such as an outdoor aquarium, outdoor golf course, an outdoor park, and an indoor water park. Its major airport is located nearby.

The Pigeon Forge Historic District, designated by the Tennessee Department of Tourism, contains several attractions including the Pigeon Forge Museum, historic homes and homesteads, historical landmarks, parks, art galleries and restaurants. The museum features a complete history of Pigeon Forge from its early days as a fur trading post to its present status as the southern headquarters for the Smoky Mountain National Park. The Pigeon Forge Fly Shop offers a wide variety of bird and insect products, as well as clothes and accessories for pets.

Historic Old Mill in Pigeon Forge

Gaming area and restaurants

Great Smoky Mountain Wheel

Dollywood is a well-known southern resort town in Grant County, North Carolina. Dollywood, nestled among trees on a serene hill top, was built in the late 1920s with the vision of creating a home for movie stars. Over the years, Dollywood has attracted some of the biggest names in entertainment and culture to its bounds. Among these dignitaries are the film actor Mel Gibson, who has a house there, the singer and songwriter Pat Boone, the racing driver and owner Bobby Rahal, and the actor Tim Matheson who chose to build his own private ranch there.

While in Pigeon Forge, tourists can visit the Pigeon Forge Historic District, which is an authentic and fun place to stroll around and get a feel for the area’s history. There are several historic buildings that can be visited, such as the Old Town Hall, the birthplace of Matheson, as well as the Betty Kress Company Historical Office and Science Center. Tourists also can tour the Blue Ridge Parkway, take a ride on the Pigeon Forge Riverboat, or go rafting down the mighty Pigeon Forge Creek. All of these activities are available to take part in during the day and night. A great Smoky Mountain vacation in Pigeon Forge includes a trip to the famous Pigeon Forge horse track, which can be a very entertaining and educational activity for the entire family.

Other things to do in Pigeon Forge include enjoying the beauty of the Smoky Mountain National Park and exploring the Pigeon Forge River. The Pigeon Forge Visitors’ Bureau offers a number of informative programs and events that tourists can attend. In addition to the informative programs and events hosted by the visitors’ bureau, tourists can also enjoy the shopping, dining, and cultural activities that take place in Pigeon Forge.

The Pigeon Forge Visitors’ Bureau operates several seasonal camps that children, teens, and adults can attend. For example, they have Camp Smoky Mountain, a nine-day overnight program for teenagers located at the foothills of Pigeon Forge. Other seasonal camp programs include Great Smoky Mountain Adventure, Great Smoky Mountain Year Round, and the Pigeon Forge Mountain Bike Weekend. All of these programs allow visitors to explore the breathtaking Pigeon Forge area, while meeting other people.

Another great attraction in Pigeon Forge is the Pigeon Forge Museum, which houses one of the oldest schools in all of North America. The Pigeon Forge Museum has an interpretation center where visitors can learn about the history of the area. The museum also offers a photographic record of the history of Pigeon Forge including pictures and inscriptions related to the Pigeon Forge moonshine operation. The museum is open to the public on Saturdays during the summer months, and on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays throughout the school year.

One of the highlights of every Pigeon Forge tour is the Old Mill Restaurant. Built in 18 53, the restaurant features locally sourced dishes prepared by award winning chefs. The Old Mill Restaurant features four different room styles, three full service bars, two open fireplaces, and one concession stand. All of the things to do in pigeon forge for adults and children alike are sure to make your Pigeon Forge tour a success.

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