Things to Do in the Area of Niagara Falls

Niagara falls

Niagara Falls is renowned for its thrilling rides. These adventures range from a stroll along the boardwalk to the technical aspects of bungee jumping or zip-lining. Whatever your experience level, Niagara Falls has something that will thrill you. However, to fully appreciate this spectacular tourist attraction, you must explore what there is to do in Niagara Falls. This task can be accomplished by taking advantage of everything that the Falls has to offer. There is something fun for everyone, including kids, old people, and even those who are in relatively good health..!

The Waterfront – If you are headed downtown to see the dazzling waterfalls and all of its exciting tourist attractions, you won’t want to miss what is one of the most popular parts of Niagara Falls to visit. The Waterfront is located downtown and is where you will find all of the shopping, dining, nightlife, and cultural events taking place. The Waterfront is also home to the world-class amusement park Legoland near the Falls. For those heading downtown on weekends, the Waterfront offers some great entertainment as well. This includes the Niagara Spectacular Railway, which travels through the city providing spectacular views of the waterfalls and downtown. At nightly concerts, acts such as Weezer and Phish perform before the nightly concert.

Niagara falls
The Waterfront

The Secret Woods – Although it is not technically part of downtown Niagara falls, the secret woods is where the majority of the walking, hiking, and canoeing tours in the Falls take place. The secret woods are also home to many other wonderful attractions that include viewing the falls from a special walking path or simply strolling along the shoreline. The secret woods is the perfect place for those traveling with small children. This is due to the fact that there are not a lot of hotels or restaurants nearby that could distract from your children. If you are traveling with young children, there are some great choices for daycare close by to keep them occupied during your visit.

The Falls – If you are looking for a unique and breathtaking travel experience, traveling to Niagara Falls on foot is the perfect way to enjoy this sightseeing adventure. The Falls are easily reachable just a short distance away. Depending on whether you choose to go on the Falls tour or not will determine how long you will be out on this incredible journey. The Falls can take up to an entire day to view depending on the weather conditions and any unforeseen accidents or issues. Regardless, you will have a truly amazing time in the Falls when you take advantage of visiting on foot.

Niagara falls
Thrilling rides at Niagara falls

Mist and Rainforest Tours – When traveling to Niagara you have two primary options of traveling by road and hiking along the shoreline where you can view the impressive waterfalls from a comfortable perch or trek into the forest to view the astounding fall at a much more challenging grade. Hiking tours are the best option for individuals who would rather not stand still and view the beautiful waterfalls. Those who desire to see the sights without any crowds can enjoy a two and one half-day hike exploring the waterfalls and viewing all of its different geological formations. There are many different routes for this type of tour that you can choose. One route takes you along the shoreline with bridges spanning from the Canadian border to Bridal Veil Falls. A second option is taking a bus tour around the entire length of the Niagara River to view the waterfalls and the many different geological formations of this massive lake.

Staying in Falls rentals gives you the ability to easily accommodate your entire group in one big vacation package. With many accommodations including hotel rooms, lodges, and guesthouses located in close proximity to the Falls you will be able to spend time just relaxing and enjoying the spectacular sights without worrying about getting lost along the way. If you choose to ride the Falls on a guided tour, you will be transported through the different sections of the falls where you can view the most impressive scenery and hear the most amazing music. The best view at the Falls is at the top but you may be forced to descend down some stairs as you proceed to the lower levels of the Falls.

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One of the best things about traveling to Niagara Falls on guided tours is the chance to have fun while experiencing the awe-inspiring view from every angle. You will see many different parts of the Falls such as the Lower Gorge, where visitors can take a walking tour where they will walk through the massive crowds of people that have come to see the impressive sight. You will also be able to experience the Falls from the perspective of a skilled tradesman. All of these trips offer something unique which makes them very popular among tourists who visit Niagara Falls on their vacations.

In addition to experiencing the breathtaking views of Niagara Falls in person, there are also other things to do in the area. Travelers to Canada have a number of options for things to do on the water including fishing and boating trips and Ontario fishing vacations. There are also Niagara Falls attractions that are not related to waterfalls like Niagara National Park. This park offers several different activities including the impressive Castle Niagara, a massive man-made structure that stands hundreds of feet into the air. If you would prefer not to take a boat on one of these trips you can still enjoy a picnic on one of the many beaches at the Horseshoe Bay and Goat Island lakes.

Things to Do in the Area of Niagara Falls

Things to Do in the Area of Niagara Falls 4k - Crossing the Canadian Border - DJI Drone View

Downtown Niagara Falls - Things to Do in the Area of Niagara Falls

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