US Election 2020 is a Global Viewpoint

US Election 2020

The United States of America has been a world leader in creating innovations and technology, but many still don’t know much about the US Election 2020. This is because it’s not a simple story with a single protagonist that you can relate to, and it’s not a story that is told through the lens of a political perspective. It’s more about an America at the crossroads where globalization and technology are changing things for the better or the worse, and where we are trying to find answers to how we are going to adapt to these changes.

The United States has never been this divided in the history of our country, and this year, we’re very close to the election. Donald Trump is running against former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and there are many who believe she has the better chance to win the election. However, it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, one thing is for sure – both candidates have their own vision and agenda, and they need to work out a compromise that will benefit them and their country in the long run.

US Election 2020
Joe Biden and Donald Trump

In this election, we will see a lot of promises made by both candidates, as well as a lot of criticism. Donald Trump has said that he would bring back jobs, increase national defense spending, and secure our borders. He also said that he would work to reduce taxes and to increase education funding so that we can compete in the global marketplace.

Hillary Clinton has made a lot of promises as well, but she also seems to want to turn back the clock, or at least bring back something along the lines of the “New Deal”Great Society.” She wants to raise the minimum wage, create jobs, and make college affordable. On the other hand, Donald Trump has promised that he would renegotiate trade agreements, makes us more self-sufficient, and allow businesses to move from places like China and Mexico to our own nation. That’s really up to you to decide, and your vote will have a lot of impact on this election.

US Election 2020
Donald Trump

With many people are feeling the effects of globalization in today’s economy, it’s important to look at the future of the United States of America and how technology and globalization might affect us, and especially our children. If we choose to not take action and invest in our future, it may lead to disaster, and this is one of the most important elections in American history.

Regardless of which candidate wins, you should be sure to look forward to the next election. After all, it’s not just about the next president, it’s also about a country and a future, and the future of the world. So, vote wisely and make your vote count.

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