What does the bible say about marriage

what does the bible say about marriage

One of the most commonly asked questions by married couples is “what does the bible say about marriage?” In my opinion, there are several good answers to that question. The first and foremost answer to this question is that God wants each spouse to be a loving, patient, and kind person. This is what we try to do as Christians but sometimes the efforts to live this out in our daily life can take precedence over our faith.

For example, let’s look at what the bible says about marriage in Genesis 2:2. In this passage, we have the story of Sarah, the wife of Abraham. The point of the story was that Sarah was the wife of Abraham, but he loved her very much because she was with Abraham when his master died. So when Sarah married Abraham’s son Isaac she was also marrying someone else (since Isaac was already dead). But because of their relationship as wives, God gave them a promise and commandment to remain faithful to each other until Isaac died.

what does the bible say about marriage

But the problem comes when you try to live by this commandment in your daily life. I don’t think anyone is able to live by that standard. In order for a wife to stay faithful to her husband, she has to be confident in his love, respect, and appreciation. I don’t believe that a good marriage is built on those things. It has to be built on true love and respect.

You see the problem is that many Christians don’t know what Genesis 2:2 tells them. They look at the words of the Bible and interpret them according to what they think the Bible says. Oftentimes what they are interpreting as being the words of God’s law comes from their own interpretation of what the Bible says rather than looking to what Genesis says.

Many people who read Genesis through the New Testament find a lot of conflicts in their marriages. There is a lot of fighting in the family, there is jealousy, backbiting, and the wife-in-law having an affair. All of these things are brought on by the lack of love and respect between a wife and her husband. What does the bible say about marriage? It says that you should honor your husband just as you would your children. If a man respects his wife, the whole family will also respect him.

If you want to strengthen your relationship with your spouse and make sure that he respects you and your children then you should read through the book of Genesis and the New Testament verses concerning marriage and God’s word. Most men won’t look at these types of books and get scared off by what they read. But if you take the time to really sit down and read these scriptures, you will understand what the writers were saying and begin to see why the relationship you have is founded on love.

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