When were showers invented to the world ?


The very first shower was invented in Egypt, around 3300 BC. The Egyptians would use this natural resource, which is the water of the Nile, as a cure for various illnesses and to cleanse themselves. The Greeks discovered the healing powers of water and used it as an important part of their society and civilization. The Romans, along with other ancient civilizations, also found that water could help people heal.

Modern shower and Bathroom

Water would be heated up to steam and then would become hot water. The hot water would be used for bathing, rinsing, cleaning, and even washing. In fact, this was so common that it was called the Bath of Babylon. After it became a common part of people’s lives, they also began making these things portable. This meant that water was made portable. The Romans, along with the Chinese, brought this technology to Europe.

Today, we have showers that take water from a tank and then can be used to either shower or to do dishes. The water is then heated up and is usually used for bathing. However, there are times that people need to take a bath that do not have water available to them. This is when they would install a showerhead. One that is built into the wall or that can be easily hooked onto a shower hose. These showers are more commonly known as “hot water” showers. This means that instead of just heating up water, they will actually send hot water through the pipes that are in your home.

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