What Not to Do After Cataract Surgery

What not to do after cataract surgery

What not to do after cataract surgery ? It is natural for your eyes to become blurred after cataract surgery is performed. If they remain blurred for a long time, it can cause discomfort and other problems. Thus, the first thing you should do after cataract surgery is to relax and take some time off your sight. You should be able to clear your mind and even take deep periods of sleep if desired. Prior to clearing your mind and entering sleep, however, there are certain things you should not do to prevent further complications after the operation. It is therefore important to follow these tips so as to keep your cataract surgery operating smoothly.

The first thing that you need to avoid is strenuous exercise. Such activity can put a lot of pressure on the eyeballs causing them to become swollen and irritated. This will make it difficult for them to heal properly post-surgery. If they continue to swell they might actually collapse which could lead to additional complications such as blindness or reduced visual field. Thus, what not to do after cataract surgery is to force yourself to avoid vigorous exercising.

Next, what not to do after cataract surgery is to avoid all kinds of dairy products including milk, cheese, and yogurts. These foods are rich in calcium that can stimulate eye blood circulation. Therefore, they are very vital for success after surgery. In fact, research shows that 30 percent of the patients who had undergone cataract surgery reported a clear vision improvement and an improved ability to recognize and read the small print. Yogurt is also another important dairy food recommended by medical experts. Studies show that yogurt is effective in improving the drainage process that wastes from the eyes.

Moreover, what not to do after cataract surgery is to avoid the use of contact lenses and eyeglasses. In fact, these two accessories can increase your risk of experiencing eye infection, which is a leading cause after cataract surgery. Also, if you are going to wear glasses, make sure you buy a contact lens designed for that purpose.

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Smoking can slow down the healing process of the eye. Therefore, it is advisable not to smoke even if you have to smoke for the rest of your life after the surgery. Moreover, smoking makes your vision blurry so you are likely to experience some blurred vision problems after the surgery.

Drink any alcoholic beverages should not do after cataract surgery. It is because alcohol can slow down the recovery process of your cataract. If you drink alcohol, be sure to drink enough water to replace the alcohol. Also, never consume seafood or spicy foods unless you are certain that the food is safe for your cataracts.

What not to do after cataract surgery is to try to cure your cataracts yourself. Although there are plenty of cures available in the market, you are highly recommended to see a specialist before taking any steps. This is because specialists have the necessary experience to determine whether the methods you want to try will actually work for your particular case. Furthermore, they know how certain methods can damage your eyes rather than heal them.

Avoid rubbing your eyes is a must factor which you should not do after cataract surgery. Not only will it be painful when your eyes are rubbing, but also it may create more tears and you’ll have a harder time removing the artificial tear. In addition, refrain from picking your eyelids at all. It may cause corneal scarring, which is impossible to get rid of.

What not to do after cataract surgery

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