Amazon World Zoo Park

Amazon World zoo park

Amazon World Zoo Park, situated on the Isle of Wight in England, is a medium to the large zoo located on the edge of Sandown. In its own right, it is one of the largest zoos on the island and also holds one of the highest annual attendance figures. This means that it is always bustling with visitors from all over the world and that means that it has a wide range of animals for you to choose from.

Amazon World Zoo Park
Indoor area of Amazon World Zoo

This zoo is situated within the London Wetland Trust, which is responsible for the care of more than one million acres of marine, estuarine, and wetland areas. It is an area of immense beauty, which is made even more so by the fact that its surroundings are also beautiful, such as the islands of Great Yarmouth and Wrekin.

There are several types of animals in this zoo, which include many species of birds and large cats like tigers. The island itself also hosts a variety of mammals, amphibians, reptiles, and invertebrates, which you can see if you visit. It also has a variety of marine species and aquatic life.

Some of the animals that you will be able to see here include the flamingo, penguins, peacocks, dolphins, porpoises, and the endangered Blacktip shark. There are also a number of fish which you can watch from the aquarium which is situated here.

Most popular Wildlife in Amazon World Zoo Park

Amazon World Zoo Park
Sleeping Monkey at Amazon World Zoo
Amazon World Zoo Park
Penguins Play area at Amazon World Zoo Park
Amazon World Zoo Park
Fish tank at Amazon zoo
Amazon World Zoo Park
Macaw and Parrot at Amazon World Zoo

Amazon World Zoo Park also has a great range of exotic creatures that you can see in the form of reptiles, birds, mammals, and more. Among these animals are lemurs, hippopotamuses, anteaters, turtles, baboons, African grey parrots, and more. You will also be able to see a wide range of fish which is available to feed on this zoo. It is very popular with tourists because it offers a unique experience for them.

Although it may seem a little bit pricey, Amazon World Zoo Park will make sure that it will remain popular for a long time to come as there is always a great demand for the animals, even after the main show ends. The animals here have a natural habitat to live in, but this is not enough for them to survive and they are also fed on an artificial feed that is provided by the park staff to ensure that they do not become overweight.

The animals of the park are not only well taken care of but are also provided with their daily needs in terms of food and water. They will also enjoy having their own home in the zoo and if they have any special needs, they will be accommodated.

If you want to visit this zoo, make sure that you do so during its free opening hours, or else you will not be able to see the animals there. It is located close to the Thames River and you will be able to travel to the park easily by public transport.

Visiting Fun Animals on The Isle of Wight - Amazon World Zoo park - Family Attraction

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