Chicken pot pie

Hot Chicken tot pie
Asian food with chicken fillet and green herbs.

Chicken pot pie

Replace your regular old crust for crispy, golden tater tots in this creamy and comforting chicken pot pie for a unique dinner or any time of the day.

This pie can be dressed up in many different ways, If you Want to put an Asian spin on it? Add sriracha instead of regular hot sauce and replace the peas with frozen shelled edamame. Then It Maybe a little Tex-Mex flair? Add a couple of spoonfuls of chopped Hatch chiles to up the heat factor. If you are making it for your kids, serve the hot sauce on the side.

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Chicken Tot pie

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Chicken Pot Pie Recipe | Chicken Pie Recipe

Tammy's Tutorial for her Chicken Pot Pie from start to Finish

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