Mimosa plant

Mimosa plant

The touch-sensitive plants known as the Mimosa plant have small and beautiful pink flowers. If you touch the plant stems, the plant itself will look like it has slept, because it will fold all the leaves and even bend and collapse a little. The speciality of this plant is the compound leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken the plant to defend themselves from harm, and re-open a few minutes later.

Mimosa pudica
Mimosa pudica / Mimosa plant

Mimosa plant is a creeping annual or perennial flowering plant of the legume family. And Magnoliopsida taxon is the botanical name of Mimosa plant. Mimosa plant named as “shy, bashful or shrinking”. Also, Mimosa plant called the sensitive plant, “sleepy plant”, “action plant”, “shame plant”, “zombie plant”, “shy lady or shy plant’.

Mimosa Plant
Mimosa Plant / sensitive plant / action plant

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Specifications of Mimosa plant

Scientific name: Mimosa pudica
Family: Fabaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Higher classification: Sensitive plant

The healthiness of Mimosa plant

In Latin, Mimosa plant is called Mimosa pudica Linn. It has declared by Ayurveda that its root is bitter, acrid, cooling, vulnerary, alexipharmic. In Ayurveda, it is used in the treatment of leprosy, dysentery, vaginal and uterine complaints, and inflammations, burning sensation, asthma, fatigue, and blood diseases.

Mimosa pudica
Mimosa pudica / Zombie plant / Shame plant / Mimosa Plant

The flowers of Mimosa plant can be used as vegetables, and the young leaves can be eaten as pot vegetables in soups and stews.

Mimosa plant pictures

mimosa, plant, mimosa pudica
mimosa, green, shameplant
mimosa, real mimosa, blossom
touch me not, sensitive plant, shy plant
red mimosa, flower, blossom
mimosa, leaves, green
mimosa, fern, flower
is a biennial plant, mimosa pudica, sensitive plant
acacia flowers, blossom, bloom
leaf, wedel, acacia

Mimosa plant – Planting and Growing

Soak the seeds in water overnight and Mimosa plant is recommended to Plant outdoors when daytime temperatures are at least 65 degrees. Mimosa plant can be sow indoors in a light potting mix. If planting indoors, Put Mimosa plant in peat pots to avoid root disruption when you transplant them outdoors.

Mimosa plant Native to South and Central America. The Mimosa plant is a widespread weed in tropical regions and has naturalized in warm areas.

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