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Shepreth Zoo

Shepreth Zoo

The Shepreth Zoo is a great place to take your kids when you go on a trip with them to Israel. Located in Shepreth Village, it is also considered the oldest zoo in Israel. It was founded by Moses Cohen in the mid-nineteenth century. Today, this zoo is one of the most popular zoos in Israel. “A beautiful park, an educational zoo, and an enjoyable zoo to visit, the Shepreth Zoo is located in Shepreth village.”

Shepreth Zoo
Bunny at Shepreth Zoo
Shepreth Zoo
Children’s Play area

Visitors can enjoy the wonderful attractions at the Shepreth Zoo while they enjoy the peaceful and natural beauty that surrounds them. There are lots of activities for children, like bird watching, petting zoo and more. There are also plenty of animals for kids to interact with. You can see the rare species of birds and animals. A child will love the variety of animals that are available to them. Children and adults alike will also enjoy the different exhibits at the Shepreth Zoo.

Animals are also a big part of the zoo. Some of the animals include zebras, giraffes, and many other animals. Visitors can also get to meet different animals like zebras. You can even ask a giraffe or zebra a question and see how they respond.

At the Shepreth Zoo you can get to meet many animals that are not indigenous to Israel. These animals have come to the zoo in order to be a part of the world. There are also animals that live in the wilds of Africa and Asia and you can see these animals up close.

Shepreth Zoo
Wildlife at Shepreth Zoo
Shepreth Zoo
Lynxes at Shepreth Zoo

Shepreth Zoo
Maned wolf at Shepreth Zoo
Shepreth Zoo
Bengal tiger
Shepreth Zoo
Shepreth Zoo Main entrance and Car park

For example, you can visit the Zebra habitat. This habitat is where zebras live. This zoo is also home to many animals like cheetahs and cheetah cubs. They are so young that they are still being fed milk powder from the mother. These animals are very adorable and they make great pets. If you choose to take your kids there, they will be able to enjoy the fun of watching the animals interact with one another.

The zoo is also fun for children. You can bring them to learn about animal life and learn how they live their lives. These animals are very unique and it is important to get to know the different animals on a first hand. This zoo is also great for kids to learn about the different species of animals. The zoo also has an exhibit where they can see animals in their natural habitat, so that they can see the animals in their natural environment.

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