What Does Customer Service Mean to You?

customer service

For anyone that is interviewing for a consumer services position, the very question, what does customer service mean to you, is bound to come up. With useful interview questions and examples, a guide to answering that interview question can assist you get one step nearer to land that job. Consider it this way: Customer service is one of the cornerstones of any company or business. Without good customer service practices, the products or services you provide cannot be effectively marketed or promoted. And worst of all, if you have bad customer service, people will begin to avoid doing business with you and your company.

The ability to listen and resolve issues is customer service at its best. If you do not care about the customer, you have no business in their business. Therefore, always look at your interactions with your clients as an opportunity to develop new, improved ways to serve them. How you conduct yourself in your dealings with your customers gives you insight into how you will handle different situations in the future.

customer service
Customer service

For example, you might have a very poor reception when people call to ask questions about your products or services. You could improve your customer service skills by having a live chat available representative that can respond by typing the information into your phone and then speaking over the phone as if they were speaking to the customer. This gives the impression of you having a tech savvy tech on your team and often makes people feel better about doing business with you.

Of course, having the technical know-how also comes with the responsibility of providing a quality level of customer support. You cannot talk your way into giving out technical support or marketing your products or services to the end user if you do not treat them like equals. With a live chat service, you can take advantage of customer satisfaction training so that your customer service team understands the value of making the customer happy.

Another thing that a good customer service means is always being timely in delivering support. You can measure how well your support team handles calls based on how long it takes them to return a call and reschedule a time to talk to the customer again. You might think that this would be a problem, but you would be surprised at the number of times a technical problem that the average tech has to resolve never even occurs because the customer experiences a good customer experience from the first point on. There are many factors that go into returning calls quickly and rescheduling, but there are also things that go into making sure that a technician is courteous and helpful. So don’t think that technical issues are the only reason to make sure you provide good customer service.

One way to keep technical support efficient and courteous is to use a live chat program. Not only is it an excellent way to make sure that you provide excellent customer service, but it also provides your technicians with more face time with the client. This will often times result in the technician being able to resolve the problem quickly so that the person doesn’t have to wait for an hour before they get the resolution. A lot goes into returning phone calls and getting the client’s attention, which is why it is important to make sure that you have the best technicians possible.

Sometimes technical issues can occur that can delay the process of getting back to the client, which is something that you don’t want to happen. One of the ways you can avoid having to deal with these kinds of frustrating situations is to know what makes for a good customer service experience. If you can answer any of the questions the person may ask in a clear and concise manner, then you have done a great job. The more information you have about good customer service, the better off you will be.

One example answer is to be available as soon as possible. If you show up 15 minutes after the customer calls to find out if there is a problem, you will give them a positive experience. Another example answer is to follow up right away, even if the person is on hold for a few minutes. This shows that you care about their satisfaction, which is what a good customer service means. Once again, don’t assume anything; if the person has any questions, make sure you give them answers right away. Follow these examples, and you will make sure you are meeting everyone’s needs and expectations.

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