Bad Bunny Tour Review

Bad Bunny Tour

“When I was young, my favorite group of musicians was the bad boys. Whether it was James Brown or Elvis Presley, they always gave me a feeling of hope. I was attracted to their charisma and energy. In fact, I still feel that way, even though I’m not a big fan of most modern music” – Benito Martínez Oviedo.

Known by his stage name, Bad Bunny, Benito Martínez Oviedo, better known as Bad Bunny, is a native Puerto Rican musician, rapper, and songwriter from San Juan. His music has been described as reggaeton and Latin jazz, but he also incorporates other genres into his work, such as pop, jazz, rock, and reggae. I first heard him when he was a member of the band MDC and the Jungle Brothers.

Bad Bunny Tour
Benito Martínez Oviedo

Bad Bunny’s sound is very much in the spirit of hip-hop. You can hear elements of hip-hop on his songs such as sample rapping, fast tempo beat, complex rhythms, and strong vocals. The first album he released was called MDC – Born Dirty, released on the label “Mondo Tango” and featured the single “Bmx”. His follow up album, “Bad Bunny Tour”, featured singles like “Dirty Money”, “Mystery”.

As the name implies, “Bad Bunny” is a song written about the urban music culture in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The song tells the story of a boy named D.C., who wants to be a rapper like his hero MC Eiht, but is too afraid to do so. After all, in Puerto Rican culture, rappers are considered to be dirty. The lyrics describe how D.C. is intimidated by the girls at school who are not so interested in getting him into music because of what they call his “dirty look”.

The lyrics describe how his “dirty look” is his style of dress, especially when going to a club. This may not seem like an important point, but I’d like to bring it up because it shows just how much the lyrics describe the culture of this music genre. and how important it is to the culture. The lyrics describe the “dirtiest, scariest” look that a girl can have: a dirty brown jacket, a pair of black skinny jeans, and a short skirt. The look is associated with a bad boy image that is not very appealing to many people.

Bad Bunny Tour
Bad Bunny Live concert

On Bad Bunny Tour, “Dirty Money” features a great beat with great vocals from Bad Bunny himself. It is one of his best songs and is one of my favorites on the album. The lyrics describe how D.C. and his friends get into trouble in a bar, but eventually escape with the help of the police and go to a bar where they party hard. Their manager invites them to join in, but when they arrive, he doesn’t allow them.

Eventually, he and his friends find themselves at the bar where MDC is performing. When the police come and arrest them for drinking and partying too hard, they try to run away, but the police find them after chasing them. They are taken to the police station and a struggle ensues. Bad Bunny’s verse in this song describes the scene, telling how the police mistreat him and his friends and try to beat them.

As the song ends, Bad Bunny asks the police, “Where’s my little boy?” to which the reply is that they will never find him. They then tell him that he cannot stay out any longer, as the police won’t allow him to perform at the next show. They even tell him that he will be arrested, but he can’t understand why, because the bar where they are arrested is an illegal bar.

Bad Bunny goes on to say that his jail time will last for a long time. and that if he keeps on with his bad-boy image, no one will care about him. In other words, he’ll be a criminal instead of a musician. A good part of this song also mentions the fact that MDC has died and that he will miss him a lot.

While the lyrics may be harsh, they accurately portray the way MDC treated him, as well as others around him. and the attitude of his friends. The song is definitely one of the best Bad Bunny songs ever recorded. and was made even better due to the amazing work of Bad Bunny.

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