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Golf carts

golf carts

A golf cart is called a golf car in ANSI standard Z130.1 because “cart” is not self-propelled.
A golf cart is a small vehicle that is originally designed for carrying two golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course or on desert trails with less effort than walking. Golf carts manufactured in a wide range of formats such as 2, 4, and 6 seaters. Currently, golf carts are more generally used to convey small numbers of passengers short distances at speeds less than 15 mph (24 km/h) per ANSI Standard z130.1 as originally manufactured. The standard golf carts are generally around 4 feet (1.2 m) wide × 8 feet (2.4 m) long × 6 feet (1.8 m) high and weigh around 410 kg to 450 kg. Most standard golf carts are powered by 4-stroke engines.

Mainly golf carts were powered by electricity (Re-rechargeable), but in time gasoline-powered golf carts appeared. The electric variety is most popular among the communities where there is a lack of pollutants, lack of noise, and safety for pedestrians. And the comparatively low speed with other carts is beneficial. Because of the purpose of golf carts for general transportation, these are called Neighborhood Electric Vehicles. Anyway, the buyer’s opinion will be changed with various operating limitations like top speed, weight regulations, and on which type of streets these types of carts are permitted to be used. By the way, all of these modules shown above may resemble golf carts, although some are now being made as weather free cars with bodies. According to the researchers, the usual lifetime of a golf cart is 13 in the states like Georgia, Alabama, California, Kansas, Kentucky, Rhode Island, Vermont, and South Carolina. And Other US states, such as Florida have a minimum lifetime of 14–15 years.

golf carts
golf carts in operation

The available price of a golf cart starts from under 1,000 USD to over 20,000 USD per cart. Price variance depending on several factors. These factors may include whether or not a condition of carts is being purchased for a golf course or a country club for example, and whether the carts are new or used. Other factors may include options such as equipment requirements, and how many passengers can be facilitated at once to transport. With the rise in popularity of golf carts, many popular golf clubs provide storage and energy options to golf cart owners. This may lead to the modification of golf carts to suit use at a particular golf course. The most common modifications include windshields, ball cleaners, cooler trays, upgraded motor or speed controller, and lift kits.

In 1963 the Harley-Davidson Motor Company began manufacturing golf carts. Gradually they increased the sales by manufacturing and distributed thousands of three and four-wheeled cars powered by gasoline and electric vehicles. They produced the common three-wheeled cart, with either a steering wheel or tiller-based steering control, boasted a reversible two-stroke engine similar to the one used today in some high-end snowmobiles. Harley Davidson finally sold the production plants of golf carts to American Machine and Foundry Company, and many of these units survive today as proud owners, restorers, and collectors worldwide.
Currently, Golf Carts are becoming a popular method of transport both on and off the golf course. Because of the features in the available golf carts, it now stands as passenger electric vehicles. Consumers are turning to golf cars as an alternative and less expensive method of transportation such as safari parks, Hotels, airports, and other journey moods.

golf carts
Golf carts by Harley-Davidson Motor Company in 1963
Golf carts
Golf carts – Inter hotel transportation
Golf carts
Golf carts for Wedding Party
golf carts
Golf carts in safari parks

New types of golf carts

Adaptive golf carts
An adaptive golf cart designed for a single user by using new technology such as the SoloRider and it is allowing disabled persons access to the golf course and the game itself. The cart’s seat adjustable and swivels around extend to an upright position. It also allows the golfer to stand upright.

Extreme golf carts
One of the most recent innovations in golf cart technology is the GolfBoard. Through this technology, a golf cart that can be inspired by the skateboard. The GolfBoard is running by front and back gear boxes providing power to all four wheels. The golfer controls the cart in a standing upright position as if riding a skateboard, leaning left or right to make turns. This new innovation of GolfBoard has been well received by the golfing community, as up to 75% less impact on turf than traditional golf carts and it can speed up play.

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