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Jerry Fish is an alternative rock band from Dublin, Ireland. Involves of Gerard Whelan, Martin Murphy, David Frew and Enda Wyatt. The band was previously known as an Emotional Fish, started in 1988. Gerard Whelan is the key man of jerry fish. He was Born in Dublin in 1962, also his parents relocated to South London at a time when ‘No Irish, No Blacks, No Dogs’ door signs had only lately left their marks at that time, but when Gerard returned to Ireland as a teenager, he did not settle down here either.

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After that he went back to London and started playing in bands, and in the 80s then he worked in a kibbutz in the Middle East and picked oranges in the Greek Islands. In that time, he met and together with David Frew, Enda Wyatt, and Martin Murphy. Finally, Emotional Fish was born in 80s. An Emotional Fish first played on stage at Semple Stadium in 1990 with their indie anthem Celebrate. The New studio album is ‘The Beautiful Untrue’ from Jerry Fish and it was released in Ireland on 24th April. Jerry Fish make a living as a musician or artist in 21st century in Ireland.

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Gerard Whelan of Jerry Fish

Written by Sofia Silvester


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