The Difference Between Full Lotta Choppas Remix Vs Original

Whole Lotta Choppas Remix

In the first official video from Full Lotta Choppas remix, the music has been made to blend in with the beat. For those that are unfamiliar with the remix genre, it is similar to a remake that makes new songs, usually by taking an existing song and replacing one or two of the lyrics to make a completely new and fresh version. This is exactly what Full Lotta Choppas remix does with their track “The Real You.”

Whole Lotta Choppas Remix Lyrics

This particular song has been a hit with many rap fans. The song has gained a huge following of both listeners and rappers. It is not only popular on the radio, but also on TV and in videos. This is the reason why this particular remix is so interesting.

Full Lotta Choppas remix is a rap remix that features rap artists such as Kurupt, T-Ray Dizzle, Bizzy Bone and many others. The video for this track was actually one of the hottest in YouTube the past few months. The video has over three million views at the time of writing, making it one of the most popular videos ever.

It seems that when Full Lotta Choppas remix takes the original song, they make it different enough to have the listener think that there is something more than the original song. I guess it works out well because the original track has a lot of good lyrics to get your attention.

In the remix, you will find that there is a verse where Kurupt raps about how he is broke, but then he comes back with an explanation of how his money is not going down, but instead it is building up because of his music. It is a very interesting explanation about how his money is working.

Full Lotta Choppas remix also has a lot of other lyrics in which it talks about being rich, having power, and having wealth. If you take a look at some of the lyrics, it sounds like the rapper is just saying everything that comes to mind and nothing is left out.

The original song by Full Lotta Choppas is actually about overcoming adversity. In the remix, you can find a lot of people that are suffering from depression, or just being down.

If you take a listen to the whole Lotta Choppas remix, you can see how the artist is reflecting on their own life. He is singing about what it’s like to be down, depressed, and even being in jail. This gives you an idea as to how the remix was made, because the artist had a lot of personal experiences that are reflected through his music.

The main difference that you will notice in the remix of Full Lotta Choppas compared to the original is that you can really hear what the rapper is talking about. Instead of only hearing words, you can hear everything that he says and how he says it.

Another major difference that you will notice between the original and the remix of Full Lotta Choppas is the tempo. The original is faster than the remix, but still manages to keep up with the tempo.

When listening to the original, you can listen to Full Lotta Choppas and try to figure out who the writer is. He says the same things to the same people throughout both songs. It is a difficult thing to figure out who the original rapper is.

Overall, Full Lotta Choppas has a lot of interesting lyrics that are well written and express thoughts and ideas that can make a listener feel different. This makes the original song interesting to listen to.

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